Hey there!

I am Nandu Pillai; a qualified Packaging Engineer turned Social Media Marketer from Mumbai Metropolitan.

My journey began in 2015 when I quit my job in 2015 to pursue MBA. We have a Supply Chain business, and the plan was to complete an MBA in Marketing or Operations (Honestly, I was skeptical), work with an elite Supply Chain firm, gain some experience and go back to my family business. 

Forget about getting an admission; I even failed to get an interview in my first attempt. Then an elite tutor told me to improve my “profile” and reappear again for the entrance tests. 

If you are a “General-Engineer-Male” and are trying to get into a decent Business school, you know how hard it to get an interview call.

Unwillingly, I joined a Digital Marketing Program just for the sake of certification (one of the many mistakes I made).

I flunked for the second time. But the good thing is that as I was working with my family business along with my entrance coaching, I could relate to all the aspects of the business, especially Marketing.

One thing I noticed is that all of our marketing activities and budgets were solely dedicated to offline marketing – newspapers, awareness camps, occasional TV ads.

C’mmon it was 2017. Who reads a newspaper these days. Everyone is hooked up to the internet in their pockets.

With the goal of revamping our marketing campaigns to Digital format, I created a Facebook page and ran a lead generation ad with a budget of 40 Rs per day.

Leads came in, some of them converted, some of them didn’t even respond.

The learning was that there is a scope to increase our business using Social Media Marketing. 

I gradually started experimenting with more platforms, and I am proud to say that 99% of our marketing budget is now dedicated to Social Media Marketing.

What’s next?

As a side hustle, I started to help others with their Social Media Marketing needs. And I noticed that majority of the businesses do not have a proper social media platform set up. Those who have a social media presence do not know how to market it correctly.

My interest is to work with such businesses and teach them to promote their business on social media.

I am also working as a Freelance Content Writer from 2018. I write mainly on the following topics

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Health

As I have learned everything from the internet itself, It’s time to give back to the community.

And that’s how Digital Fliq was born. 

I am documenting my learnings on this blog – the important and untold features from the courses which I take, my experiences from working with the clients, and the current trends in Social Media Marketing which will be profitable to your Business.

Ok…but what’s the price? 

Absolutely Free.

I am giving away 99% of the content on this blog for free. 

Digital Fliq is my way of giving back to the Social Media community. 

Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog to learn more about Social Media Marketing and to marketing your business online.

I would like to help you. Just drop me an email at nandu@digitalfliq.com

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