Digital Deepak Internship Program Review

Digital Deepak Internship Program Review

Earlier, I had joined a 6-Month Digital Marketing course by shelling out 50k INR. The institute mentioned that notable personalities (in their field) would be taking the class, but I haven’t heard the names of any one of them. Moreover, their social media profiles too didn’t support their claim as they hardly had any followers and posts. 


The live classes were conducted once a week, and assignments are given at the end of each week. Just like the college days, students made a WhatsApp group. One of them would finish the assignment and post it in the group. The rest of the students (including me) would just copy-paste the assignment, which automatically gets approved.


Forget about the exams; I didn’t even bother to attend the latter half of the course as I was sure that I wouldn’t learn any practical stuff from the program.


At that point of time, Digital Deepak introduced the 3-month Digital Marketing Internship Program. I attended the free webinar and was fascinated by the ‘Earn while you Learn’ concept. 


We, interns, are given assignments after every module. And after the successful approval of each assignment, we are rewarded with a predetermined amount in our bank account.


I have completed 4 assignments so far and have received more than a quarter of what I have invested in the internship program.


The fun thing is that if all the interns successfully finish all the 10 assignments, we will receive more than what we invested.  


Coming to the course curriculum, yes, all the learnings are practical, which needs to be implemented in the assignments/ projects (sole purpose for why I joined the internship program).


Deepak started with the basics, such as knowing your niche to create a customer avatar and later came to the technical stuff like website creation, growing a brand through social media marketing, SEO. 



  1. 10 modules with live online training
  2. Project Assignment after each module
  3. Stipend after each project completion
  4. Recorded videos in case you miss the webinar
  5. Facebook and Telegram group for doubt solving
  6. Placements Available


Program Curriculum 

  • Basics of Digital Marketing
  • Knowing your Target audience and preparing your customer avatar
  • Website creation, Google Analytics and indexing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Personal Branding

And many more…


Kudos to Digital Deepak for such an innovative internship program. And I would sincerely recommend this 3-month Digital Marketing internship program by Digital Deepak to people who are looking to learn and implement Digital Marketing practically.


Check out this video for more information 

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