15 Tips to Build your Personal Brand on Instagram

15 Tips to Build your Personal Brand on Instagram

A personal brand is about finding your uniqueness and building your reputation on the things which you want to be known for.

What are the benefits of Personal Branding

#a. Personal Brand acts as a Magnet

With a strong personal brand you can attract

  1. Clients
  2. Job Offers
  3. Business Partners
  4. Speaking at Events and Conferences


#b. Expertise

As your brand grows, your followers will recognize you as an expert in your niche. This helps to keep you in a position of power. 


#c. Trust

Your followers will know that you are not a fluke or an overnight success. They will feel better to put you in charge of their needs.


A personal brand enhances people’s trust in you, and they will be more comfortable working with you.


#d. The Go-To Person

A personal brand makes you the only solution to your follower’s problems. And you do not have to do anything to expand your horizons. With word of mouth, your followers will drive your brand forward and attract more opportunities. 


Now that you know what the major benefits of a personal brand are, it is time to dive into the platforms where you can build a personal brand.


Of course, there are many social media channels to build your personal brand like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat and TikTok.


But do you need to be present on all social media channels?


And even if you are active on all channels, is it possible to build a personal brand on all channels?


Yes and No…


The ideal solution is to identify where your target audience hangs around the most and start building a personal brand in that platform.


One such platform is Instagram


instagram stats

source: Hootsuite DataReportal 

With 116 million US citizens and 73 million Indians logging in daily, Instagram is a go-to platform where you can build your personal brand.


You have an added advantage if your niche is cooking, travel or fitness since your target audience will respond well to visuals and Instagram is the best platform to put up visually appealing content.


Now that you have finalized Instagram, here are 15 tips to build your personal brand. 


How to build a personal brand on Instagram

#1. Be Authentic

Your followers can easily catch you when you are trying too hard or making things up. This will affect your credibility. 

be authentic

And that’s why you should be authentic.


Authenticity is when WHO you are becomes WHAT you are.


There is no point in depicting a totally different person on instagram and a different person in real life.


Your followers may get offended sometimes, but that’s completely ok. At least you are not faking it to impress them.


You are being authentic, which requires a lot of courage. And people sense your messages are coming from an honest place. 


Key Takeaway

Be yourself. Do not act as a different person on Instagram. 


#2. A Clear Bio

Your Bio is the first thing people see in your profile. 


A great instagram bio showcases your brand personality. This compels users to take action – which may be clicking on your link, contacting you via your email/ phone, or simply following your profile.

clear bio

source: @garyvee

Your bio tells a lot about who you are and what you can offer. Hence its worth investing time to craft a perfect bio. 


A perfect instagram bio should consist of the following things.


#a. Name

Include you real brand name since you are introducing yourself.


#b. Username

Username is your identity on instagram and forms your @ handle. Username also becomes a part of your profile URL (instagram.com/username). 


You can play around with your prime keywords as your username. But make sure that you are using the same username across all your social media profiles to make it easy for people to find you.


#c. Hashtags (optional)

Hashtags help people to know your niche. It is recommended to use your primary keywords as hashtags. 


Do not bombard your bio with hashtags. Maximum 2 hashtags make your bio looks appealing and gives an idea about your niche. For example – #BusinessTips #DigitalMarketing 


#d. Website

The only place where you can insert a clickable link is in the website section. The good thing is that you can change the URL as many times. 


You can use link your new blog post or youtube video or podcast in the website section. 


Pro tip

Include your linktree link where your followers can find all the important links in a single place. 


#e. Category

It is recommended to have a business profile on instagram, where you can choose a category for your brand.


For example – Personal Blog, Musician/Band, and many more…


#f. Contact info

You can include contact buttons like your email id, contact number, and address for people to contact you directly. 


#3. Do not divert from your Niche

People follow you since they want to learn from you regarding a niche. And if you divert from your main niche, you will certainly lose your loyal following. 


For example, if you are in the fitness niche and suddenly you start posting about travel, people who are interested to know about your fitness journey will fall out. 


Key Takeaway

It is better to completely master one niche rather than be at the bottom of tons of niches. 


#4. Less of yourself

People follow you to learn from you and not to know your lifestyle. They are more interested in your work rather than the cars you drive, the vacations you take.


Posting personal stuff are ok to an extent, but you should not bombard your instagram profile with it. Always stick to your primary niche and create content around them.


Key Takeaway

Post less of your personal lifestyle, more of your niche.


#5. Consistency

Would you follow a brand which hasn’t uploaded any content for a month?




Then why would you expect your target audience to follow you and strengthen your personal brand?


No point posting content once in a while. Infact by doing so, even your existing followers will start unfollowing you.


Key Takeaway

Post consistently by maintaining a proper schedule.


#6. Hashtags

Hashtags help your posts reach your target audience, attract more followers, and increases the engagement rate. Infact an instagram post with a least one hashtag increases the engagement rate by 12.6%.


Limit the usage of the hashtags to 25 per post, and that too use it with a clear strategy catering to your niche itself.


Strictly say no to #follow4follow, #like4like as it is not a good business practice and your audience will be more wider. 


Key Takeaway

Include 20 to 25 hashtags strictly sticking to the nature of your post.


#7. Instagram Geotag

Instagram Geotag is the best way to grow and engage with your local target audience. This is helpful, particularly if you have a local business or provide services to a set of people within your city.

instagram geotag

Geotag is also helpful to find and collaborate with the local influencers.


 #8. Clever use of instagram stories

Instagram stories show that you are active on instagram. A new visitor to your profile might want to check your story and can follow you if he finds it interesting. 

Instagram stories

Here is the list of story ideas to make your instagram stories effective.

#a. Polls

#b. Ask me a Question

#c. Geotag Location

#d. Hashtag


Note: If you have followers above 10,000, you can even add links to your instagram stories.


#9. Reply to comments

Replying to each and every comment is a hectic task and is not possible. However, a number of comments are a strong engagement indicator to the instagram algorithm.


It is essential to check your comments and respond to the best of your ability. 


You will get a lot of bot comments, hate comments, and trolls. You can ignore them totally. 


Key Takeaway

Replying to your comments is crucial as it shows that you do pay attention to your community, which forms a reason to follow your profile. 


#10. Comment on other posts

You need to comment on the posts related to your niche and share your valuable opinion. By doing so, you are expressing your views and engaging in a serious discussion.


What it does is that people check out your profile and more likely to follow your profile. But do not engage in an argument or commenting B.S. just for the sake of commenting. 


Key Takeaway

Comment your honest views in the posts related to your niche. 


#11. Post regarding your online or offline work activities

People admire and get influenced by the work you do. Hence include posts more related to your work activities.


This may be an upcoming webinar you are conducting.


Or a speaking event you are attending.


Your followers might want to meet you or might want to attend your webinar. And what is the perfect way other than posting about it on your stories and feed?


Not to mention, it may also result in more invitations to other online and offline events. This way, you can also build your authority and strengthen your personal brand. 


#12. Attract followers to your website

Building a loyal audience is excellent, but with algorithms changing frequently, it is not a good idea to rely on someone’s platform (read social media).


Hence it is ideal to bring your followers to your platform, which is primarily your website. 


You can then collect their data in the form of the name, contact number, email id, and nurture them to become your paying customers. 


Key Takeaway

Just like other social media platforms, Instagram should only be a channel to attract more followers to your website. 


#13. Tag brands with large followings

If your post is valuable, other brands may regram it provided that it is of the same niche. Hence tagging big brands with large followers is a healthy way to grow your brand.

big brands

What it does is that it increases the viewers to your content and grow your followers. This also adds your authority in your niche and build your personal brand. 


#14. Instagram handle in the Email Signature

If you are not promoting your instagram profile through your email signatures, you are missing out on opportunities to strengthen your brand.


By including the instagram handle in your email signatures, you are offering your followers a platform to communicate with you and strengthen your relationship.


Pro tip

Use the instagram icon rather than the link. 


#15. Say No to Bot Followers / Messages

You can quickly get followers and auto-comment on other posts by paying to such services. 

bot followers

But the process leads to people anticipating your profile as more machine managed.


Humans want to interact with other humans and not to any robots. Hence avoid such shortcuts. It will also harm your reputation. 


Key Takeaway

You should avoid such shortcuts and focus on developing an authentic voice and loyal following. 



Instagram is undoubtedly the best tool to build your personal brand and share your voice to a new audience. 


But you have to take action and consistently implement these 15 tips.

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