If You Don’t Take Care of Your Customers, Someone Else Will – Day 2, Digital Deepak Internship Program
how to create your customer avatar

If You Don’t Take Care of Your Customers, Someone Else Will – Day 2, Digital Deepak Internship Program

My phone beeped.


A Facebook notification…


“Deepak Kanakaraju tagged you in a post in Intern with Digital Deepak.” 


Last day, Deepak mentioned that he would be giving feedback and score to the assignment-1 which all interns submitted. 


As an average student from my school and engineering days, I hated the idea of publicly listing the individual marks of students on the notice board.


If you are an average backbencher guy like me, you would understand.


I cannot even lie that I scored well.


Everyone has access to the notice board.


The good thing is that my friends and I didn’t take long to find our names and the scores.


We were consistently at the bottom of the list, and it is easy to find our names when we start from the bottom of the list.



The only difference was that the notice board there is a facebook post here.


With the same old habit, I started to check my name from the bottom of the total 100 interns’ names on the list.


Holy Fuck!


I came across my name on 5th in the list.


I even refreshed that facebook post just to make double sure that it was my name.


Later in the evening, I got the feedback in my mail.


We have reviewed the assignment you have submitted and your score for the assignment out of 100 is: 92

Your ranking among other people (out of 466 approved assignments) is: 5

Your feedback for the assignment is:

You certainly have a way with words from beginning till the end; your content was captivating.

Congrats on getting your assignment approved. Your payment for the first assignment will be processed within 48 hours.


What better motivation do I need for a person writing the first-ever article in his own blog.


With this newly found enthusiasm, I am highly motivated to give my best in assignment-2 and beyond. 


Session 2 began with Deepak asking all the interns to think about what you are grateful for today.


I was grateful to reach in the nick of time from my office just before the commencement of session 2.


Deepak then asked us to guess the completion rate of assignment 1. 


I guessed between the range of 80 to 90%, which was exactly the case.


A whopping 87% interns completed the assignment, which shows that all the interns are dedicated.


The session was all about knowing your customer and how can you create your Customer Avatar.


In this article, I will shed light on my learning from the session-2 with the help of the following list. 


#1. Golden Triangle

#2. Embrace Mistakes

#3. Importance of Conversation

#4. Authenticity

#5. Who is a Better Marketer?

#6. Who is your Target Audience?


#1. Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is a strong foundation when you start something new.


You learn something better by actually doing it.


And how can you retain all the information forever?


By teaching others…


And it is OK to fail. No one is born Einstein. 


You should embrace it and learn from it.


Key Takeaway

When you teach, you understand things in a better way.



#2. Embrace Mistakes

Mistakes is part of the learning process. Deepak mentioned how people become conscious of their mistakes which refrains them from trying further.


Embrace mistakes, and in the future, you will realize how all those mistakes helped you to become better at something than you are now.


Deepak asserted that with every assignment submission, the quality of every intern’s writing would improve.


Key Takeaway

Mistakes are future benefits, the value of which is yet to be realised.


#3. Importance of Conversation

In session-1, we learnt that Digital Marketing is more about Marketing than Digital.


Deepak continued his preaching of becoming a great communicator to thrive in the market sector.


Marketing is all about a good conversation. And if you cannot converse with a person 1 to 1, you cannot converse with one to many.


I completely resonate with this idea as whatever mail Deepak sends to me, I feel that he is directly talking to me and not with the masses.


And for that, you need to have you own persona and not sound like a fake.


Key Takeaway

Better Communicator = Better Marketer


#4. Authenticity

You develop different personas with different people you communicate with.


For example, when you communicate with your loved ones, you do not hide anything from them. You are just being yourself and tell them what you think of.


They might not like it, and that’s completely OK. 


At least you are authentic and not faking it to please them. And that’s how you build an attractive character. 


And an attractive character is like a magnet which attracts more people which includes your customers as well.


Key Takeaway

Develop a strong persona and be authentic to build a loyal following.  


#5. Who is a Better Marketer?

People with more life experiences have seen the ups and downs throughout their life. 


And such experiences make them a better marketer as they can relate to the other person’s problem.


To gain experience, you will have to come out of your shell and face whatever you fear. Deepak insists on doing the following things

  • Travel frequently, preferably solo.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Do something which you fear, for example – public speaking, making a video etc.


Key Takeaway

People with more life experiences are better marketers. 


And to become a better marketer, you need to know who your audience is. 


#6. Who is your Target Audience?

Would you date someone without knowing them?




It’s the same in a business scenario as well.


Would you sell your products or services to any random audience? 




And to know your target audience, you need to craft a Customer Avatar


And for that, you need to understand two main aspects of your target audience.

  1. Demographics – age, location, marital status etc.
  2. Psychographics – likes, dislikes, interests, fears etc.


By knowing the demographics and psychographics, you will be able to know your target customers in deep and serve them better.


So how to connect and write to your Customer Avatar?

  1. Create content to one single person. Address them by their first name.
  2. Join the conversation that people have in their mind.


Remember that your target audience are reading your email or messages alone on their devices. Make them feel that you are communicating with them as if you are talking to them directly.


Thats where email and messages outshine the social media as you can personalize your emails.


Deepak also recommends reading The Adweek Copywriting Handbook to strengthen your copywriting skills.


And while defining your customer avatar, your focus should be on the centre, not on the border.


As you move away from the centre, your niche would get broader, and the customers will be diluted.


Deepak then depicted a live example on how he created his customer avatar. One of the participants volunteered as he met all the criteria Deepak had for his customer avatar.


Deepak then suggested us to make our customer avatar. He also recommended to talk or meet them and understand their pain points.


By performing such activities, you would know your ideal customers and serve them better. At first, you may feel a little awkward, but “Awkwardness is an indicator of learning.”


“The Aim of Marketing is to know and understand your customers so well that your product or services fits them and sells itself.” – Peter Drucker.


I made a specific set of questions regarding my Customer Avatar and circulated them to a few people who fall into the category of owning a small business.


The results are as follows

  • Fictional Name: Ajay Dixit (he looks somewhat like this)


  • Age Group: 35 to 50 years old
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Mumbai
  • Education: Graduation
  • Personality: Extrovert
  • Has a Credit Card: Yes
  • Owns a vehicle: Yes
  • Average Turnover: 8 to 15 crores
  • Mode of Marketing
  1. Coupon Deal
  2. Facebook advertising
  3. Google My Business
  • Marketing Expenditure: 50,000 Rs to 75,000 Rs per month.


Bottom Line

If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will.


And how to take care of your customers?


By knowing and understanding them well.


And how do you do that?


By creating a Customer Avatar. 

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