11 Linkedin Strategies To Promote Your Business Effectively

11 Linkedin Strategies To Promote Your Business Effectively

Linkedin is a business-focused social networking site that allows you to promote your business effectively. Especially if your business caters other businesses (B2B), Linkedin is a goldmine for you.


how to use Linkedin to promote your business


How effective is Linkedin marketing 


With the reach of other social media platforms declining day by day, Linkedin can generate more leads, build brands and establish partnerships organically.


Although Linkedin does not have the numbers to boast a large number of users when compared with other social media platforms, the users are influential, high-level executives. 


Here are some more interesting stats

How effective is Linkedin marketing

  • 50% of all the social traffic to B2B websites and blogs comes from Linkedin.
  • Hubspot states that Linkedin is 277% more effective at lead generation than Facebook and Twitter. 
  • 97% of B2B marketers use Linkedin for content marketing purposes.
  • 49% of B2B research vendors with the help of Linkedin.
  • 59% of B2B marketers state that Linkedin helps to generate high quality leads for their businesses.


Another way to put it down, Linkedin is a clear platform to reach the decision-makers. Now tell me how this isn’t going to help your business?


Now that you have no doubt that Linkedin marketing can be effective for your business, let me tell you the ways to use Linkedin to promote your business. 


Here are the 11 ways to use Linkedin to promote your business 


#1. Optimize your Linkedin Profile

Your Linkedin profile is an excellent opportunity to leave an outstanding impression of people visiting your profile. 


No likes to follow or do business with a person who is inactive in their niche. 


It is not your brand that your audience will be interacting with. It is you who they will interact as people do businesses with other people. Hence your profile must be updated to improve your contact rate. 


Tips to polish your profile to use Linkedin for business marketing

  • A proper headshot and a cover picture.
  • Headline with keywords related to your business.
  • Add About section in a story format highlighting your area of expertise.
  • Add your primary skills, achievements and samples of your works.
  • Aim for an ‘All-Star’ profile and continually optimize your page.

An example of an ideal Linkedin profile

How To Create An Effective LinkedIn Company Page

#2. Define your Customer Avatar and Goals

You cannot cater to every connection in your Linkedin. And for that, you need to define your Customer Avatar.


Once you know who you want to serve and what you want to achieve, it is easier to understand their pain points and create content around it. The better defined your customer avatar is, the better leads you can generate via Linkedin.


Use the following parameters to define your Customer Avatar

  • Age
  • Location
  • Occupation/ Designation
  • Income
  • Problems they are facing


#3. Create a Linkedin Company Page

A Linkedin Company is your organization’s profile on Linkedin.


A Company page helps you to separate your individual background from your business. 


Your Company page includes information about what your company does, the number of employees and how interested prospects can contact you for more information.


Your company page will be automatically linked to your profile, and hence your profile visitors can come to know about your brand. 


#4. Linkedin Page Search Optimization

A well-optimized company page can help your brand to gain visibility when your prospects search using the keywords in your niche. 


If your company page is optimized with the necessary keywords, Linkedin’s search features allow users to view what all services you offer.


Here are some Linkedin hacks for better Page search optimization


#a. Insert Keywords

Include your primary keywords that your potential clients might use to search for your product or services. An ideal way is to place your primary keyword on the ‘About’ tab, which mentions who you are and what your business offer.


#b. Link your Website and Linkedin Company Page

Link your Linkedin company page and website as links prove to be essential factors to boost your search ranking. 


#c. Create and Share Quality Content

Create content that your followers relate and engage with. You can also curate and share other page’s content which might provide value to your followers.


All these factors indirectly help your page to appear more often in the search results.


#5. Post Engaging Content Consistently

You should see to it that you do not leave your profile inactive. Post content that consistently that your users can engage with.


Care must be taken that your post should bring value to your followers and not sound ‘salesy’.


Yes, I understand that with a specific follower base you might be tempted to pitch in your product and service. But guess what, your followers are intelligent, and they can easily differentiate a sales pitch and valuable content.


Having said that, it is ok to pitch your product or services in between provided that you are confident that you have given ample value first.


#6. Put Rich Media to good use

Gone are the days when your users had time to read all your written form of content. Now your users want to consume the content on the go.


And what is the best form of content other than a picture or a video when you do not have a lot of time to devote.


Additionally, rich media content like an image gathers over six times more engagement than a text-only form content.


Here are some Linkedin marketing hacks using Rich Media content

#a. Image Collages

3 to 4 images in a single post is visually appealing and performs well in terms of engagement.


#b. Videos

Uploading videos of about 1 to 2 minutes has a heavy weightage on Linkedin. 


Also, you need to grab your follower’s attention within the first few seconds so that they consume your video content in full. 


Adding a subtitle serves best for those who are watching with the sound off.


#c. Going Live

Going Live often gathers 24x more comments than a regular video in Linkedin. 


#7. Engage within your Niche

Comment your views on the Infuencer’s post within your niche. Here, you should not leave generic comments like “nice post”, “totally agreed” etc. Instead, you should take your time and leave a detailed explanation about what you think about that particular matter.


What it does is that when other followers view his/ her content, they will come across your comment as well. And they will surely check out your profile and care to follow you if they find it useful.


Again for the sake of attention, you should never fight in the comment section. Getting blocked by the influencers and their followers is the last thing your business needs. 


#8. Participate in Linkedin Groups

Join Linkedin groups related to your niche and participate in healthy discussions. This helps you to establish an authority in your field. 


Do not boast about you or your company products and services. Other members might think that you are spammy. 


You can answer queries posted in the group and help a group member – a great way to turn members into your client. 


#9. Build a Loyal Community

A loyal community helps you to build trust and indirect promotion of your brand. 


You can achieve this by creating your own Linkedin group or collecting your followers’ contact details ethically.


This way, you can nurture them with your quality content and then pitch in your product or services.


#10. Linkedin Ads

You can run ads on Linkedin to achieve your marketing goals. You can try out a various ad campaign on Linkedin like

  • Sponsored Content
  • Text Ads
  • Message Ads
  • Dynamic Ads


You have to set a budget and select goals what you want to achieve (e.g. clicks, impressions etc.). 

Note: Linkedin Ads are quite expensive than other social media platforms. Try Linkedin Ads only if you have enough budget and your target audience is not hanging out elsewhere.


#11. Analyse your Linkedin Page

You are doing the right thing as long as you are getting quality leads and converting into sales. If not, all the content you are sharing consistently, the likes, shares and comments you are getting does not matter.


Here are the few metrics you need to analyse

  • Engagement rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Reach
  • Brand mentions
  • Total shares and comments


Identify which metrics are performing poorly and work on it. A lot of these

metrics are interdependent. 



These are the best known proven Linkedin marketing hacks. Feel free to try these strategies and start upgrading it as you move ahead. 

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  1. Ayswarrya

    Nice tips! My question’s on using personal profile (i.e. the CEO/Co-founder/C-suite) vs that of a company’s to build social proof—which one’s more effective according to you?

    1. Nandu Pillai

      People trust people and would interact with a person more than a company directly. So, it’s essentially to build a personal brand though individual profile and then leverage it to your business brand.

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