5 Strategies to promote your Business using Facebook

5 Strategies to promote your Business using Facebook

When it comes to promoting your business online, Facebook marketing is the first thing that comes into your mind.


And why not?


As of April 2020, there are 2 billion active users on Facebook. Needless to say, your potential clients too hangout on Facebook.


Hence it is no brainer that Facebook marketing has to be in your armour when it comes to marketing your business online. 

How to promote your business on Facebook


Moreover, major of the B2C online advertising takes place on Facebook and Instagram, and B2B online advertising on LinkedIn


What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing refers to creating and consistently using a Facebook business page to communicate with your existing as well as potential customers. 


Now how do you market your Facebook business page?


There are essentially two techniques

#1. Organic Reach

#2. Facebook ads


Organic reach is the number of people who see your content on your business page without any paid ads. 


Now you may think that your business page followers may be able to view all the posts on their timeline.




As of April 2020, Facebook has declined its organic reach to less than 10%. That means, if you have a business page of 1000 followers, your post is not even reaching 100 of your followers.


Hence if you have created your business page with the strategy of marketing on Facebook organically, you will be disappointed. 


That’s where paid ads come into the picture. 


Paid reach helps you to put your content on your followers as well as your target audience. 


In this article, I have shared 5 key strategies to promote your business on Facebook effectively.


#1. Provide Valuable Content

Why do you login to Facebook daily?


If you are like me,  you want to be connected with your friends and relatives, what they are up to these days, share a few laughs through memes, get educated and inspired with the trending posts.


In short, all boils down to content.


So why not provide that from your business page?


Now I am not sure what category your business falls under, but I am pretty sure that you can make content around your niche which can solve your ideal customers’ problems.


So why not hook them with such content?


They will chase you to consume your content and may, in turn, become your client in future.


Content ideas to promote your Facebook Business Page includes

#a. Tips and Strategies – you can post content around tips and strategies to ease your potential customers’ problems.

Example – 5 tips to promote your business via facebook marketing. 


#b. Latest Trends – provide information about the trends in your industry.

Example – current marketing trends in motion picture industry.


#c. Interview – Interview a well-known personality in your niche from which your user can benefit. 

Example – a candid chat with sruthi raju to help your dubbing artist journey. 


#2. Facebook Contests and Promotional Offers

The cheap and best way to promote your business is to create a Facebook contest or a giveaway. 

How to promote your business via Facebook ads

For example, you create a Facebook selfie contest which you run for a week. Additionally, you mention to tag you and write a line describing their views after using your products.


This will generate a buzz among your audiences’ followers, who will indirectly check out your page and possibly follow you if they like it. 

You can also set up a promotional offer of your brand by mentioning your followers to share your content, where a lucky participant will win a gift hamper. 


Care must be taken that the contest should be easy to do and not be extended for a longer time. This will bring in more participants.


#3. Facebook Ads

If you have created a Facebook page just to get benefit from it organically i.e. free of cost, then you are doing it wrong. 


At some stage, you need to definitely invest in Facebook ads to grow your brand awareness and bring in more sales.


And why not do it now when Facebook ads are underpriced and most effective compared to other paid platforms. 


You can laser focus and define your audience based on their interest, location, purchasing behaviour, age and gender.


You can create a Facebook ad campaign based on your objective such as

#a. Awareness

Brand Awareness – you can increase your brand awareness by reaching people who are interested in your service.

Reach – you can show your ads to the maximum number of people.


#b. Consideration

Traffic – bring in more traffic to your website, apps and messenger.

Engagement – get more likes, comments and shares on your posts.

App Installs – encourage targeted audiences to install your app.

Video Views – encourage targeted audiences to view your video content.

Lead Generation – get data such as name, email id, contact number of your targeted audience.

Messages – encourage targeted audiences to send messages on your business page.


#c. Conversion

Conversions – encourage targeted audiences to make a purchase or fill a contact form on your landing page.

Catalogue Sales – promote your products from your catalogue.

Store Traffic – encourage targeted audiences to visit your brick and mortar store.


#4. Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger marketing is the best way to engage with your existing and target audience. 


The primary benefit with Facebook Messenger Marketing is the Content Delivery.


You can deliver your personalized content to your users, just like your email marketing tool. The difference is that the delivery rate is high, unlike email marketing, where some of the emails land up in your spam folder.


Additionally, the open rate is 80 %, and the click rate is 13%, which in turn is 242% higher open rate and 619% higher click rate than your email marketing tool. 

what are facebook marketing trends


#5. Facebook Group

You can join various Facebook groups within your niche and start engaging with the group.


Note that several groups have their own rules and regulations which you need to adhere to. Just promoting your product and services may seem spammy and you will be removed from the group, which is the last thing you need. 


Post valuable content without promoting your products and services, engage with the group posts and solve other people’s problem. This way, you can gain a sense of trust among the group members.


And then you can pitch in with your promotional offer.


You can also create your own Facebook group and invite your target audience. Again the thumb rule is not to promote your offers directly. Solve your group members’ problem, gain trust and the pitch in your service.



Facebook marketing is the most reliable and hugely underpriced social media marketing channel. Work on all the strategies mentioned above and see to it, which works best for you. 


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