6 ways to Promote Your Business on Instagram Effectively

6 ways to Promote Your Business on Instagram Effectively

Do you want to know how to promote your business on Instagram but not sure whether it is the right platform?


Let me save your time.


Yes, Instagram is the right platform to market your business, especially when your brand involves visually appealing content.


Instagram is the primary flag bearer for the modern, mobile, visual content. With over 1 billion users active, Instagram should be one of your social media heavyweights for your digital marketing campaigns.


What are the benefits of Instagram marketing

#a. Visual Platform

Instagram is a photo-centric platform which makes it different from other social media platforms. Instagram is composed of photos and videos that can be accompanied by texts. However, the text is not mandatory.


People remember what they see than what they read or hear, and this makes Instagram more beneficial to promote your business.


Images and videos tend to outrank written content when it comes to engagement and results, which again works in favour of Instagram. 


All these visual factors allow your followers to remember your business brand better, which encourages them to engage with your content and indirectly closer to purchase.


#b. Strengthen your relation with the potential customers

Considering that you have a sizable following on your Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter; if you upload the same content on all these platforms.


You can see a lot of engagement on your Instagram post without having to pay for it. 

How to promote your Business on Instagram


On top of it, Instagram users ‘LIKE’ 3.5 billion times per day. No other social media platforms enjoy this liberty.


#c. Promote local business on Instagram

Instagram helps you to use the location-centric hashtag. This way if you have a local business, you can include your location in your bio and the post. 

promote local business on instagram

Use photos and videos related to your location and your local business to gain attention. You can also tap into the influencers in your target location to promote your local business.


#d. Business Account

With an Instagram business account, you can unlock a series of features that helps to promote your business. Some of these features are

  • Call to action button for your page visitors
  • Promote your posts via Instagram ads
  • Access account insights


How to advertise on Instagram

With the reach of every social media platform diminishing day by day, advertisement is the only medium left to get in front of your potential customers. You can advertise on Instagram via Facebook advertising platform. Some of the targeting features include

how to advertise on instagram on Instagram


Location – Are you targeting a particular city or the entire country, you can set that accordingly on the Location tab.


Demographics – Do you want to show your ads only 20 to 30-year-old men speaking Hindi? Instagram can help you to choose the language and gender demographics.


Interests – You can target people based on the ads they click and the apps they use. 


Behaviors – you can target people based on website visitors, people who have downloaded your app etc.


Lookalike Audiences – you can target ads to people that are similar to your existing followers or have made purchases on your website. 


Here are the Instagram marketing strategies to promote your Business

#1. Create Customized Content for your Audience

Have a look at your competitor’s profile and see what’s working the best for them. Ideally, you should look for what brings the best engagement.


Once who have decided that, replicate those content in your business profile. 


Check out the Instagram filters and do not toggle around the filter every time to use it. Ideally, you should use the same filter throughout so that your business profile follows a theme. 


Include videos of your upcoming products, events as videos get incredibly high engagement rates on Instagram.


#2. Link to your Landing Page

Your bio section is the only place which is clickable. Include a link to your landing page in this spot.


This landing page can be your blog post or an e-commerce store page.


#3. Avoid Being Salesy

Nobody opens Instagram with an intent to do something. And if they are clear they are being targeted with ‘sales’ posts, and they will undoubtedly unfollow you brand and move forward.


Instead, hook them with your valuable content and let them come to you. You have two prime formats, images and videos to lure your followers.


Videos and Images allow your followers to make their own decisions without feeling that your business is targeting them. 


So do not be too pushy and post valuable content around the products or services that you offer.


#4. Promote Events on Instagram

With the help of Geo-tag that adds your location, your potential customers can know where you are physically located. 


Geo-tag helps your prospects to know where they can visit to find and purchase your products or avail your services. 


You can use this Geo-tag feature to promote your events and invite your followers who are near to your location.


#5. Instagram Influencer Marketing 

Instagram Influencers already have credibility and trust among their followers. You can use that to your advantage.


Every Instagram Influencers has a niche where they have built an authority. Find an influencer which best fits your niche.


Hire that influencer to promote your business. Indirectly you are inviting a share of the influencer’s followers to come to visit your business page, follow you and possibly make a purchase.


Note that Influencer rate cards vary depending upon the niche and the size of the followers. Some influencers may also ask for an affiliate share of the income they bring via their efforts. 


#6. Analytics

Instagram offers various analytic tools that assist you in tracking your profile performance. Carefully analyse all the factors and adjust accordingly. 


Some of the factors to consider:

  • Best times to post content
  • Frequency of your content
  • The success rate of different hashtags
  • Call-to-action conversion rates



Instagram’s social nature is to increase the intangible aspects of marketing such as brand equity, loyalty etc.


Use the Instagram authority of your brand to build a loyal following, and eventually all your efforts can certainly bring more sales.

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