11 Actionable Tips for Killer Real Estate Facebook Ads
How to run Facebook ads for Real Estate

11 Actionable Tips for Killer Real Estate Facebook Ads

If you are a real estate agent, your audience may be a first timer, just married home buyers or wealthy retirees. 

The ability to generate leads through your Facebook marketing campaigns is the critical component to achieve success in the competitive real estate industry.

In this blog post, we will discuss how you can leverage Facebook ads to create a high converting, strategically targeted Facebook advertising of your real estate properties. 

Well, first a disclaimer.

You cannot directly sell any real estate property through Facebook ads. 

Hardly anyone can do it. 

How can you sell a property worth lakhs or crores directly via Facebook ads? 

It does not work that way. 

Back in the day, real estate agents used to rely on networks around their town to look for prospects to buy their real estate properties. 

I remember in my childhood, real estate agents sticking flyers on public places and leaving their contact numbers and even door to door service, somehow convincing potential home buyers to buy their real estate property.

But everything has changed now. With a few clicks, one can find a decent home at the affordable rates.

Everyone is on their phone now. No one is giving attention to these flyers and billboards anymore.

So you as a real estate agent needs to be smart more than ever.

And how can you capture new prospects in this technologically advanced society?

One of the options you have is Facebook Ads.

Indians spend 2.4 hours on social media per day, more on Facebook and Instagram. So Facebook gives you ample opportunity to get you in front of the right people with a killer Facebook ad.

Hence, pitching your ad to the potential customer, getting their contact details via lead generation such as email address and phone number, and then following up with them is important in real estate marketing. 

I have divided the entire blog post into two categories. One is targeting, and another is making changes in your Facebook ad creatives.

Lets deep dive in.

#1. Targeting Via Age

Now, this is self explanatory. There is no use showing your Facebook ads to an 18 year old teenager who does not have a budget to purchase a villa worth 2 crore rupees. 

Targeting via age in Facebook ads for Real estate

Yes, if you are into dormitory services, you can target these age groups. Mostly such services are availed by younger audiences for a short period of time as a part of their travel, education or work.

#2. Targeting By Income

Do you know you can target with respect to how much income they are making?

The BMW car they drive, the vacations they take, the iPhone they carry.

This feature is super valuable for real estate agents since it often determines the types of properties that people can buy.

  • In the audience section of your ad set, head over to Detailed Targeting
  • Click on targeting
  • Click on Financial
  • And then click on Income

Targeting by income in Facebook ads for real estate

Choose the income level as per the affordability of the real estate space you are promoting. 

#3. Targeting By Home Ownership Status

Here you can target people by the type of property in which your potential audiences are currently living and the type of properties which they can likely move onto. 

  • In your audience section of your ad set, navigate to Detailed Targeting
  • Click on Demographics
  • Click on Home
  • Click on Home Ownership

You will then come across three options

  1. First Time Buyers
  2. Home owners
  3. Renters

targeting by home ownership status in Facebook ads for real estate

Select as per the property you hold and is currently promoting. 

For example, if you are selling apartments in a large city, target first time buyers.  

#4. Targeting Audiences That Are Likely To Move

Facebook also helps you to target people based on their behavior, such as those who are likely to move. 

Well, if you ask me how Facebook knows about this? 

targeting audiences that are likely to move in facebook ads for real estate

These groups of audience might me clicking on real estate ads, and are constantly searching for property Facebook pages or groups.

  • In your audience section of your ad set navigate to Detailed Targeting
  • Click on Behaviors
  • Click on Residential Profiles
  • Click on individuals who are Likely to Move

#5. Targeting Based On The Custom Audience

If you are an experienced real estate agent, you might already have some data in the form of phone numbers and email address. 

You can use this information to target similar kinds of profiles.

Let’s say one of your customers is Mr. Paul, who is a 53 year old big shot businessman from Mumbai and often travels to different parts of the country. 

You have helped him in acquiring a few apartments all over the country. 

Similarly, you have many Pauls in your contact list. Upload that list to the custom audience section. The bigger the list, the better. 

targeting based on custom audience in facebook ads for real estate

  • Click on Look alike audience. Careful that keep your look alike audience to 1 or 2 %. 
  • Do not go beyond 2 %. That will dilute your leads, and you may end up getting filthy leads.

All these were the targeting options which can help you to acquire quality leads. 

Now let’s have a look at the tweaks which you can make with respect to your ad copy and creatives.

#6. Add Life To Your Real Estate Properties With Videos

You liked a person on a dating app, and when you meet them for the first time, you feel that the person does not even look the same in the pictures. 

Has this ever happened to you?

Same can happen with real estate properties. Pictures can be easily doctored and deceive you.

But videos, on the other hand, can be a blessing. 

Real videos give your audiences a realistic look into your property. 

If you can include a friendly face to the video, it can even build a massive trust among your audience. 

Videos receive 403 % more inquiries than images. So it is definitely worth investing in video marketing. 

You do not need a high end DSLR to capture your videos. A decent smartphone will do the job.

#7. Use Carousel Ads

With carousel ads you can show multiple properties or rooms in a single ad. Carousel ad format is perfect for the real estate industry which can retain the visual essence of a property.

The carousel ad format allows you to display a series of images in a catalog type format so that your audience can scroll through and view multiple images. 

It captures a buyer’s eye and is like catching several birds with one stone.

#8. No BS Ad Copy

Be transparent in your ad copy. 

No point in an audience clicking your ad and then coming to meet you on your property and having a second thought in terms of the price of the property or location of the property or possession of the property.

Instead, why not mention all these conditions in the first place?

In your ad copy.

You can save your time and hell lot of your marketing ad budget.

People won’t click on the ad if it doesn’t fall in their price range.

On the contrary, your ad will get more clicks from the likely buyers if they come across properties in their budget or the location and so on.

So always include information like the price, square foot, exact location, period of possession, number of rooms in your ad copy.

#9. Plan Your Ad Spend During Peak Times

If you are an Indian real estate agent, you know that people purchase something precious during the auspicious seasons.

Well, a home is precious as anything can get. 

Identify these auspicious seasons; it can be any month depending upon your location.

Increase the ad budget during these seasons.

Trust me; you will get a good amount of conversions during these times.

#10. Use Video Testimonials And Reviews In Your Ad

Video Testimonials and reviews can instill trust in your service and your advertisement.

And by testimonials, I do not mean fake testimonials that marketers use these days to gain trust.

Reviews have to be authentic. 

It’s ok if the person stammers a bit on camera. It’s not his job to be always on the camera, so his mind and body reacts in that way.

This instils a sense of trust in your audience rather than the fake testimonials with a confident face and confident language on camera. 

#11. Capture Stunning And Creative Ads That Appeal To A Lifestyle

You are not in the business of selling real estate properties. You are in the business of selling a lifestyle.

While watching the ad, people should visualize him or her in that place and feel the same happiness of the lifestyle they can get after acquiring the property.

And to instill such belief, your ad creative should be designed in that way.

For example, children playing around a lush green garden.

A couple enjoying their conversations in a cosy room. 

Such ad creatives will instill a sense of joy in their minds and can relate to your ad.


Real estate market involves high ticket conversion. And no one would convert on the first attempt.

The key here is to pitch your potential customer and follow up with them to close the deal. After selling 2 to 3 units, you should reinvest those money to generate new leads.

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