A Practical Guide on How to do Social Media Marketing Effectively

A Practical Guide on How to do Social Media Marketing Effectively

You are here to build a social media strategy for your business , right?

Let me tell you a logic.

“30% modern businesses in India face closure if the lockdown continues till June.”

This was on the front page of Business Today. What’s interesting is that most of these businesses are following a traditional setup – read, they do not have any online presence, like a website, social media pages.

And it got me thinking.

Surely, you cannot advertise in newspapers as the availability of newspapers is close to zero. And it’s 2020, who reads a newspaper anyway?

Everyone, including you and meaning, has a smartphone to know what’s happening around the world.

Yes, TV advertisements can be an option. But how many of you can afford?

Again, who watches television these days? Thanks to the low data charges.

Moreover, there is no way you will come to know that you are targeting your right prospects with traditional marketing.

On the other hand, with digital marketing, you can laser-focus target your ideal clients.

Additionally, traditional marketing only focuses on increasing sales with their ads and not to provide any value. This is by far the most significant advantage of digital marketing.

You can nurture your potential clients by providing value to them. And then pitch your products or services.

All this at a fraction of the cost.

The whole point is when your audiences are refraining from the traditional setup, and moving to the online platforms, why not advertise there?

Here is an interesting stat

There has been an increase of 87% in social media usage since March 2020.

And the cost of advertising is still cheaper as compared to traditional marketing.

Now you know how social media marketing can help your business way better than traditional marketing.

In this article, I will help you how you can ditch the traditional platform and benefit from social media marketing to grow your business .

What is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect and stay in touch with your prospects.

What is Social Media Marketing

You do this by creating and sharing content that solves their problems. This helps to build your business brand, generate sales and retain loyal customers.

Other than this, you can also get more quality leads, keep a track on your competition, and bring value to your prospects.

Do you think all these things are possible with traditional marketing?

And here are the benefits of social media marketing

#a. Inbound Traffic

Every social media platform you add to your marketing strategy is a gateway to your website. Every piece of your quality content is another opportunity to get more leads and close deals.

#b. Brand Authority

When your prospects see you are adding values to their lives, especially solving their problems with your content, it makes you appear more credible.

Providing value and interacting with your prospects demonstrates that your business cares about customers. All these things will help you create a brand authority.

#c. Increased Brand Awareness

Social Media Marketing is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing methods to increase your brand visibility. With a proper social media marketing strategy, you can improve your brand recognition.

#d. Brand Loyalty

Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty go hand in hand. With every engagement you make with your follower, you are developing a bond with them. This will enhance your brand loyalty.

benefits of Social Media Marketing

Now let’s unwind the big question which you are looking for

How to do Social Media Marketing Effectively

While every social media platform has its own algorithms, one thing that is common in every platform which will help your brand to stand out from the rest is “CONTENT”.

And not just content… QUALITY CONTENT .

It does not matter which platforms you choose, how much you spend on your ads, without quality content, you are just beating around the bush.

Here are the strategies to come up with some quality content

  • Study your customers, know their pain points and create content around it.
  • Check out what is working for your competitors
  • Keep in touch with the latest trends
  • Optimize your content continuously
  • Rinse and repeat

And when quality content shakes hand with a proper social media marketing plan , you can skyrocket your business.

Here is what you need to do to effectively market your business on social media.

#1. Audit and Optimize your Social Media platforms

Analyse where the majority of your audiences are spending time and audit that social media platform to suit your customers.

Then optimize your business profile like display picture, cover picture, bio, username.

No one likes to follow and engage with a half-cooked profile, after all your prospects judge your brand based on what they see.

#2. Create a Customer Avatar

If everyone is your customer, then no one is your customer. You need to know who you are serving to.

Your business will fail if you are serving the wrong audience. Sit down with your team and create a customer avatar, know their pain points and then create content around it.

Use the following parameters

  • Age
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Income
  • Problems they are facing
  • Most used social media platforms

#3. Analyse

Likes, shares and comments do not matter when you are not getting any sales. After all, time and money are involved in creating content and ads.

A few metrics you need to analyse

  • Engagement rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Reach
  • Brand mentions
  • Total shares and comments

Identify which metrics are performing poorly and work on it. A lot of these metrics are interdependent. One small tweak, it may increase or decrease your brand value.

#4. Social Media Marketing Tools

Social Media Marketing Tools can boost your productivity which in turn can be a blessing to your business. Tools also help you to scale your efforts with ease.

Social Media Marketing Tools

The main advantage of social media marketing tools is the ability to create and schedule content way ahead of time. You can create a content calendar and then schedule your post as per that.


A great social media strategy for your business is never completed. It is constantly changing as your brand and customer grows and with the latest trends. So, create a social media marketing plan and start optimizing it.

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