7 Easy Ways to Grow for your Business using Videos

7 Easy Ways to Grow for your Business using Videos

Using videos for your business growth is a powerful and cost-effective medium to build brand awareness and gain your audiences’ trust.

how to use videos for business growth


From the above graph, it is clear proof that videos have been an important asset to any marketing campaign.


Let us consider your case itself.


As of May 2020, do you consume more videos or text-based content?


Videos…. Right?


Same is the case of your target audience as well. Your audience has started ditching written and graphic content and moving on to video content.


Now that I have managed to convince you that video marketing is definitely the future, let me tell you what exactly video marketing is? I want to get rid of the common myths related to video marketing.


What is Video Marketing

As the name suggests, video marketing is using videos to promote your brand, products or services. This may involve informational (how-to) videos, testimonials, explainer videos, webinar and social media live sessions.


Benefits of Video Marketing

#a. Videos are Easily Accessible

Your smartphone is an endless source of video platforms. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok, you name it. 


Your consumers can access online videos anytime and from anywhere. All your consumers need is a smartphone with a decent internet connection. Traditional platforms have this limitation.


With videos, you can cost-effectively reach your target audience.


#b. Videos boost your SEO

Videos have the power to increase your search engine ranking, open and click-through rates and sales. 


Youtube is the second largest search engine, which is owned by google itself. So, if you put up a video on youtube as well as on your website, your website visibility is increased drastically. 


#c. Videos increase Brand Awareness

The best way to build your brand awareness is to stand out among your competitors. With viral videos, you can quickly achieve this feat. Videos also help to identify who you are and what you do. 


#d. Videos boost Conversion Rates

Here are three interesting stats of video marketing and conversion rates

90% of customers make buying decisions after watching the product video.

Video to Text preference ratio before purchasing is 4:1

64% of people purchase a product online after watching the video.


#e. Videos are effective than audios and texts.

You tend to retain 80% of what is seen and heard and only 10% of what is read. Hence, videos are undoubtedly more effective than audios and texts.

benefits of video marketing for business growth


Now that I have convinced you to include videos in your marketing campaigns, here are the 7 ways where you can use videos to promote your business growth.


#1. Social Media Videos

Social media content has moved from images to a video content platform. Undoubtedly, video content receives the most likes and shares on social media platforms.


Additionally, you can also create bite-sized video content which can be shot in a single sitting. This makes video marketing cost-effective for you. 


The most important thing to consider here is that the video content which you upload has to align with your niche, one that can either educate, inspire or educate your target audience.


The live streaming video is the current trend in video marketing platforms. Additionally, Facebook and Instagram took it to a whole new level where you can invite a new member into the live session.


Here is a list of social media video content ideas

  1. Educational content
  2. Backstage scenes of your events
  3. Interviews with influencers in your niche
  4. Videos that answer follower’s queries
  5. Facebook and Instagram live with your followers.


#2. Promotional Videos

A promotional video is the one you create in an attempt to sell your product or services to your target audience. Care must be taken that you should try to hard-sell your offer by blasting videos in a go.


Videos which solve your user’s problems have to be your preference. And in between these videos, you can squeeze in your promotional videos. 


Promotional videos, without a hard-selling, immensely boost your engagement rate.


#3. Educational or How-To Videos

A video marketing format that teaches your target audience something they do not know and can solve their problems is an Educational or How-To video.


You can use educational videos that showcase your product or services, which can be helpful to your target audience.


Here is a list of Educational or How-To Videos content ideas

  1. Teaching your target audience how to use your Saas product.
  2. Unboxing and assembling your product kit.
  3. Sneak peek of your online courses.


#4. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a short series of videos to introduce your product or services. An ideal explainer video should be 60 to 90 seconds long. Anything over that, your prospects may lose interest in watching your explainer video.


Explainer videos are a great video marketing format to hook your prospect to your offers. Care must be taken that you must elaborate on the benefits of the product or services which you offer and not on its features.


A four-step explainer video includes

  1. Problem: elaborate the pain points for your prospects.
  2. Solution: explain how your product can act as a solution to the pain points.
  3. Process: Describe how your product works.
  4. Call-to-action: conclude with a clear call to action on what to do next.


#5. Event Videos

Event videos are crisp promotional videos in the run-up to your future events. Event videos, if executed professionally, can increase your chances to generate ticket sales. 


Event videos do not have to be present for a long time. Hence it is beneficial to include such video format in social media platforms where you can add stories which disappear in 24 hours.


And for this purpose, include videos in your stories of Instagram and Facebook. You can also create short videos of your previous events on TikTok.


Additionally, event tickets can be scaled if you run video ads on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.  


#6. Video Testimonials

With the help of video testimonials, you can share the positive feedbacks of your happy customers. Video testimonials help to drive massive trust among your target customers. 


You might have seen video testimonials of customers sharing their experience after using a brand’s products. The psychology behind such ads is to gain your trust and change your lives like those customers. 


The easiest way to get a video testimonial is to encourage your clients to shoot a video on their smartphone sharing their experiences.


Do not worry about the editing part as in most cases raw, and uncut videos act as more genuine and authentic rather than a scripted and professional video. 


#7. Live Webinars

Conducting Live webinars is an excellent opportunity to teach your prospects crucial aspects related to your brand. This may be an upcoming event or a new product or services which you are about to launch.

socia media video content ideas


Webinars can also be a free or paid workshop. You can schedule a recorded webinar, but in most cases, a live webinar works well among your prospects. 


With live webinars, you can interact with your prospects and solve their queries on the spot. This drives engagement and trust amongst your audience. 


And at the end of the webinar, you can promote your product which can drive the highest conversion rate.



It is a no brainer that all the consumer traffic will be in video format by 2021 and beyond. 


Video is a great tool to leverage to drive more growth in your business.  Brainstorm impactful video content ideas, identify where using video can bring maximum value and publish videos consistently at peak times.

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